Antonia Roybal – Mack, Esq.

Your Guidebook To An Emrowered Divorce.

Antonia Roybal – Mack, Esq.

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Antonia Roybal-Mack is an award winning Family Law Attorney who has been practicing for 15 years (and counting) in the State of New Mexico. She is the founding partner of Roybal-Mack & Cordova P.C. Est. 2011. Antonia is the recipient for many recognitions and awards, some to include The 2019 Albuquerque Business First Women of Influence Award, The New Mexico Distinguished Outstanding Young Lawyer Award, and the 2011 Best of the Bar Litigation Award. Her accomplishments go hand in hand with her dedication to seeing clients on the other side of their legal issue.
Alongside Antonia’s devotion to being a loving wife and mother, she serves as a mentor, a coach, and a teacher. The inspiration for Cry All You Want. Just Get It Done. is to provide women with the necessary resources to do just that. Antonia recognizes that the process of divorce can be hard, ugly, and emotionally taxing. Cry All You Want. Just Get It Done. is a way for Antonia to reach women all around the world to provide them with the necessary tools to be successful in the divorce process. Antonia’s book will give readers a full scope of the ins and outs of divorce. Antonia wants an intimate experience for her readers; to dive deep into a new journey with confidence. Antonia strongly believes that even in the depths of divorce, women can still flourish.

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